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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer multiple hair removal systems that are fast, effective and with minimal discomfort; you can receive multiple areas done in one appointment and expect to see results within six treatments.
New Image is proud to say that we have the state of the art lasers for body sculpting or contouring, tightening, fat reduction, tattoo and hair removal. All treatments performed at New Image involve the use of heat, but are customized specifically for your comfort and goals.
Most of the laser treatments at New Image involve absolutely no down time. You can have your treatment and go right back to work. We do offer a couple of laser treatments that involve down time of 4-7 days, but trust us, those days are worth it due to the outcome!
In most cases can expect to see results with just one treatment at New Image, but there is something very important to remember about laser treatments. All laser treatments performed at New Image use heat to stimulate the production and reformulation of collagen which causes skin to tighten and permits a more youthful appearance. Most of our patients notice improvement after the first treatment; however, some may require up to three.
Unfortunately, insurance does not cover any of the treatments which are considered elective or aesthetic procedures. We do offer Care Credit and payment plans for membership clients.
Facelifts are an invasive procedure and require local or general anesthesia, bruising, swelling and weeks of downtime. Here at New Image we offer a special facial rejuvenation package comparable to a non-surgical facelift, designed and customized by Dr. Mall. Dr. Mall uses a combination of four unique lasers to target different layers of the skin. Your skin is being transformed from inside out.
Most of the treatments are safe for tanned and dark skin types, but our highly trained aesthetician/laser technicians will determine the right treatment for you during your free consultation.
We partner with you to identify your individual goals and desired outcome. Customize packages and personalized payment plans can be created to suit your budget if needed.
This depends on the particular laser treatment performed, which can be discussed during your free consultation.
We do not treat patients who are pregnant or lactating with lasers but do recommend facials.
This depends on the type of laser treatment you are having. We can make that determination during your free consultation.
Results vary; however, with laser treatments your collagen is being reformulated from the inside. The great thing is that your skin will look years younger!!!

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