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Skin Rejuvenation MicroNeedling With PRP 

Skin Rejuvenation at a Cellular Level

Microneedling is a non surgical multi-purpose treatment that targets everything from scars, acne scars, skin lines, stretch marks, wrinkles and other skin imperfections.  It is a fast and effective skin rejuvenation treatment that is non-invasive, non-toxic, and has no downtime.

At the New Image Advanced Laser Skin Center, we combine top of the line equipment, like the Dermaroller™, with an experienced physician (Dr. Michael S. Mall, M.D.) to provide you with the best treatment possible so you can take years off your face and get the phenomenal results you deserve.

What is Dermaroller™

The Dermaroller™ is a medical device used for micro-needling. It breaks down old scar tissue and stimulates the proliferation of skin cells. This cell multiplication results in the formation of new tissue layers of elastin and collagen fibers (neo-collagenesis), as well as, in new capillaries for an improved blood supply (neo-angiogenesis). The procedures are called Scar Reduction Therapy (SRT) and Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT).

Dermaroller™ also helps

  • Soften the Appearance of Hyper & Hypopigmentation
  • Reduce Disfiguring & Acne Scars
  • Stimulate New Collagen Fibers
  • Improve Blood Supply
  • Harmonize Pigmentation


Enjoy A Personalized Complimentary Skin Analysis & Consultation With Dr. Michael S. Mall M.D.

Commonly Asked Questions About Micro Needling

For those looking to improve the look of scars, boost collagen, or encourage hair growth, microneedling might offer a minimally invasive solution.

Although it’s recently become popular, the procedure has been around for 50+ years and is proven effective.  According to a 2008 study, skin treated with four microneedling sessions spaced one month apart produced up to a 400% increase in collagen and elastin six months after completing treatment.

Have questions? You’re not alone.  Here are some of the most common questions asked at our practice…

Micro Needling FAQs

New Images uses the Dermaroller device to slide along the skin and penetrate upper layers of the skin to create tiny needle wounds, which signals the body to heal by producing collagen and elastin fibers. As a result of this procedure, the skin becomes fuller, thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and scars.
Micro Needling, when performed by a Medical Professional, is known to improve many aspects of the skin including, but not limited to: skin texture, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, regenerating tissue, improving the appearance of scars, reducing the size of pores, and the appearance of stretch marks.
Immediate inflammation of the skin is very temporary and reduces greatly within just a few hours. Most people will notice redness and mild swelling (similar to slight sunburn) for 24-48 hours and there may be slight pinpoint bleeding and/or bruising. Skin will be noticeably smoother and more radiant within a week or two, though results may vary. Full results will take a few months to appear.
Medical Micro-needling is safe to use on all skin types and colors without risk of post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.
Minimal discomfort. Prior to the treatment, numbing cream can be applied to minimize pain that is felt during the procedure.
Micro Needling can be safely repeated every 4-6 weeks as needed. Different conditions may require multiple visits. Again, Micro Needling can be used on all parts of the body (neck, face, arms, legs, etc).
new image advanced laser skin center las vegas as seen in

I was working a cosmetic surgery and aesthetic convention in Las Vegas last year when I first heard of Dr. Mall. I discovered he was one of only two doctors in Las Vegas that performed a certain type of advanced technique, neck lift procedure. After a consult, we decided to go another route (Titan xl and TruSculpt) and I have been extremely pleased with the results.


If you're looking for a reputable and highly regarded Advanced Laser Skin Clinic...look no further. New Image has the newest lasers and cutting edge technology with highly trained Esthetician's. I've referred several people to New Image because I know first hand not all laser clinics are the same.


I love Dr. Mall he has such charismatic personality, he is very in-tune to your needs. Dr Mall listens carefully and makes suggestion to better improve your skin. His personal assistant Brenda has a sweet spirit to make you feel very comfortable and lift your day with her beautiful smile. I love Genesis to help eliminate redness in my skin and Titan for skin tightening with immediate results....


An Amazing treatment and experience that is making my life easier. There is an amazing vibe and everyone is so friendly in the office. In my experience they are friendly and really know what they are doing. I am very happy with my results!


Outstanding Dr. He listens carefully, offers suggestions and options addressing your concern areas. Dr. Mall also goes above and beyond. His staff is equally amazing. Terrific place for a first-timer also.


I'm a vegas local and in the industry to look my best, I've been getting botox and juvederm for about 6 years now and Dr Mall is hands down one the best doctors I've ever been to, not only is the whole staff very informative, because I do ask a lot of questions, they are also so kind and sweet and actually care about their patients wants and needs.


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Enjoy A Personalized Complimentary Skin Analysis & Consultation With Dr. Michael S. Mall M.D.