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Even as a young child, people would remark on the pluck Dr. Michael Mall possessed—a spirit that was largely fueled by his interest in helping others. So when he decided to go into medicine, attending the University of Arizona College of Medicine, it was no surprise that the specialty Dr. Mall selected was family practice. “I had a passion to treat the entire person rather than just a part of them, and it takes a special gift to be empathetic but compassionate with a sense of objectivity to evaluate them,” he said.

Celebrating his twenty-five year anniversary practicing medicine, Dr. Mall has made good on that goal through his enterprises. His first one is his Concierge Medical practice and his other one is the cosmetic New Image Advanced Laser Skin Center. As Dr. Mall explained, “Over the years, the bureaucratic and political part of medicine has adversely affected the art and practice of medicine. In order to provide very personalized care that truly made a difference to my patients’ care and health, I transitioned to a concierge model of care in 2006.” He also recognized the need to provide non-surgical options to improve how people looked and felt, hence the cosmetic arm of his practice.

Concierge, often referred to as white glove medical care, is membership based. Think of the cost of buying a cup of gourmet coffee daily. Instead, you could be putting that toward your healthcare membership investment. By subscribing to the practice, you would be one of no more than 600 total patients versus the typical 3,000 to 5,000 most primary care doctors manage.

This allows Dr. Mall’s patients to enjoy office visits that average 30 minutes in length so that there is sufficient time to discuss the patient’s needs and make a plan of action. Each of his patients gets an annual executive physical, which creates a baseline of their health history. More importantly, the focus can be on preventative care, insuring patients stay well with proper counseling regarding nutrition to activity. Dr. Mall explained, “I see patients getting fed up with the suboptimal care that they are receiving and opting for a concierge model. As people become aware that such a model of care is available and affordable, the popularity of concierge medicine will continue to rise. The future of medicine should be on the prevention of disease and optimizing functional capacity of patients and consequently improving their quality of life.” As if these reasons aren’t benefit enough, Dr. Mall’s patients are given his personal cell phone number so that there is access when it’s needed.

A side effect of this innovative approach includes Dr. Mall’s participation in many research studies such as low testosterone, cholesterol and arthritis. He hosts regular discussions for the general population like his most recent Women’s Wellness Educational Series that not only addressed the unique nutritional needs for women, but the best methods for weight loss, anti-aging and even dressing to suit your body type. For this series, the doctor was joined by Larissa Reis, an International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness Figure Pro and owner of Protein House in Henderson. She was the proverbial exclamation point for proper nutrition and exercise. Beauty may be skin-deep, but real beauty is the blend of solid health and feeling your best. The events are free, well-attended and give men and women a chance to meet Dr. Mall, his wellness and beauty partners and his staff.

You might consider that Dr. Mall’s educational outreach is what led him to the cosmetic aspect of his practice, New Image Advanced Laser Skin Center. As Dr. Mall explained, “The cosmetic portion of my practice grew from my concierge patients feeling better but also wanting to look better to match how they felt. That blossomed into a full-service practice where I became the medical director.”

New Image Advanced Laser Skin Center offers full-service laser treatments including hair removal, skin tightening, acne treatments, fractional resurfacing treatments, PRP/stem cell treatments, body contouring, dermal fillers and Botox. The advantages of these modalities are not only convenience, but patients experience little or no downtime. In some instances, laser treatments can be more cost-effective, too.

One of the most popular laser therapies offered is Laser Genesis and rumor has it that stars from Jennifer Aniston to Angelina Jolie get their gorgeous glows from its warm rain effect. According to one of the New Image aestheticians, Laser Genesis evens out skin tones, reduces fine lines and helps to promote collagen production that, over time with repeated treatments, results in a more vibrant, smoother and younger looking appearance.

“Minimally invasive laser treatments actually increase the elastin and collagen, providing a natural look, tightening the skin versus surgery where the already collagen-deficient skin is stretched to look smoother but made the collagen less dense, thinner and unnatural looking,” Dr. Mall emphasized.

Titan laser is also more cost-effective than surgery and there is no downtime. A patient who has had Titan said, “It’s my secret weapon because I’m in my early 50s but I hear my friends say how much younger I look. They have no idea I use Titan.”

New Image Advanced Laser Skin Center keeps abreast of the latest technology and offers assorted lasers. The dermal injectables that Dr. Mall offers, and are FDA-approved, are Juvederm, Voluma and Botox will complement laser treatments to make you look years younger. And if you think this is just the domain of ladies, think again. Men represent the fastest growing segment of people opting to look great with minimally invasive options.

With such a frenetic schedule, it is a necessity for Dr. Mall to keep himself in optimal shape. It’s also expected. “I know that in order to coach my patients on lifestyle changes and optimizing their health and quality of life that I need to be that example and live that life in order to have an impact on them.” Dr. Mall has lost 65 pounds over the last eight years and brought his body fat percentage to under 10 percent. “I eat extremely healthy and organic when possible,” he said. “My only guilty pleasure is probably sake with my sushi on the weekends.”

Little has changed from when he was a kid helping others to becoming a respected physician. His holistic approach to patient care has not only earned him the praise of his patients, but recognition in the form of numerous “top doc” rankings by Best Doctors in America. Dr. Mall enjoys the recognition but has a clearer measure for success, “You have to evaluate the entire health of a patient that encompasses their emotional, physical, and spiritual health as they impact each other intimately.”

With such a robust patient following, Dr. Mall admits he doesn’t see retirement coming any time soon. “When I do retire, I hope to be remembered as the doc that cared and changed the life of my patients and as the doc that revolutionized the delivery of health care to the underserved population in the United States.”

Gaye Stephens

At New Image, Dr, Mall's vision is to believe that a natural part of living a healthy, vibrant life is looking as good as you feel. At New Image Advanced Laser Skin Center, we provide top of the line skin care, from Profound RF, non-surgical Face, and Body Lift, laser resurfacing treatments to a scientifically backed skin care line and dermal fillers that will help correct the signs of aging. We believe that you are meant to feel your best inside and out so we make sure to offer the most effective, advanced treatments that help you achieve the radiant look you love. The Team at New Image adopts this philosophy and will deliver excellence to our patients and clientele.


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