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Dr. Mall Featured in Las Vegas Woman Magazine

Completing 25 years of the art of medicine, Michael S. Mall, M.D., reflected upon the evolution of his practice, the accomplishment of his goals—both professional and personal—the patients’ lives he has touched over those years, and the direction he is taking for the future.

The art of medicine continues to be eroded with large corporations buying up practices, promoting cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all delivery of depersonalized medical care and shifting the focus of medicine to the bottom line in terms of dollars.

“Originally, my practice grew from nothing when I arrived in Las Vegas to the point of seeing 40 to 45 patients a day by word-of-mouth referrals, emergency room referrals and hospital on-call follow-up patients. After 17 years of a frantic pace and losing the feeling of connection to my patients while practicing standard delivery of medical care, I made one of the best decisions in my career. I changed my practice to a Medical Concierge membership-only model for the delivery of highly personalized health care,” Dr. Mall said. Going into Medical Concierge reignited Dr. Mall’s passion for medicine and allowed him to focus on the whole person. He can optimize his patients’ health with a proactive focus on prevention of disease as well as implementing wellness programs.

Dr. Michael MallDr. Mall limits his practice to a maximum of 600 members as opposed to 3,000 to 5,000 patients in a traditional standard medical practice. His concierge patients benefit greatly with 30-minute same- or next-day office appointments and 24/7 access to Dr. Mall’s personal cell number as well as the cell numbers of his medical assistants. Patients enjoy a full suite of laboratory screenings with a full-time in-house phlebotomist, so they will never have to leave his office.

In addition, he offers a myriad of personalized programs such as age management, nutritional programs, hormone replacement programs for both men and women, weight loss programs and smoking cessation programs. He also offers treatment for both acute and chronic medical conditions.

The Affordable Care Act has fueled an increase in patients seeking a more personal, higher quality of health care, as the current system has been flooded with patients who have received care from overworked doctors who spend less and less time with each patient. Patients want a doctor who really cares about them and their health. Dr. Mall’s Medical Concierge practice has delivered personalized quality care to satisfied patients, optimizing their health in ways that are unimaginable with a traditional medical model of care. In addition, he is a role model for his patients, as he has personally lost over 60 pounds and now maintains his body fat percentage below 10 percent by practicing what he preaches about diet and exercise.

The natural progression of being healthy and feeling good is to look as good as you feel. As more and more of his Medical Concierge patients made lifestyle changes with hormone replacement, weight loss, exercise and smoking cessation, they requested cosmetic services to complement how they were now feeling about themselves. Dr. Mall learned about injectable fillers, Botox and non-invasive laser treatments to provide services desired by his patients. As he had more time to devote to the cosmetic well-being of his patients because of the Medical Concierge model, he co-founded New Image Advanced Laser Skin Center and became its medical director.

New Image became a full-service laser skin center with three laser trained medical aestheticians, providing skin resurfacing, skin tightening, skin photo facials with IPL, body contouring treatments that shrink fat and simultaneously tighten skin, and virtually painless hair removal with the latest technology.

Patients can look years younger with laser treatments, injectable fillers for lips, cheeks and nasolabial folds, Botox treatments for wrinkles or a combination of all. Surgery stretches skin to a thinner, more unnatural look, but laser actually produces more collagen to replace what is lost through aging, providing a more natural, younger-looking skin. Initially a woman’s arena, men now comprise the fastest-growing segment of Dr. Mall’s cosmetic practice with laser treatments and dermal injectables.

“My greatest sense of accomplishment comes from merging Medical Concierge care with New Image’s cosmetic care under one roof. This allows me seamless delivery of personalized health care complemented with personalized cosmetic skin care to treat the entire spectrum of the needs of my patients. Improving how one looks on the outside positively affects how one feels on the inside. I am very fortunate to be able to provide that care as well as optimize internal health.”

Gaye Stephens

At New Image, Dr, Mall's vision is to believe that a natural part of living a healthy, vibrant life is looking as good as you feel. At New Image Advanced Laser Skin Center, we provide top of the line skin care, from Profound RF, non-surgical Face, and Body Lift, laser resurfacing treatments to a scientifically backed skin care line and dermal fillers that will help correct the signs of aging. We believe that you are meant to feel your best inside and out so we make sure to offer the most effective, advanced treatments that help you achieve the radiant look you love. The Team at New Image adopts this philosophy and will deliver excellence to our patients and clientele.


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